Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lots of changes

Sorry - I am too slow to actually post to this many other places to post.

You can see some updated photos at

Things are moving along nicely though!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Trying to wrap it up

John Maxwell finally took the advice of the little red hen and came to WY with me to dig the trench into the cabin. Rocky soil and hot weather made it difficult. Finally we were deep enough, dropped in some conduit and pulled wire.

Friday brought on a delivery of insulation, dumped in the driveway in SLC. I loaded it into the trailer, all strapped in, except one little bag. On the curves into Parley's canyon, the un-strapped bag teetered, and tottered, nearly dumped out the side, without brake lights I slid to the side of the road and strapped it down. Slow going with the 34 bags of insulation strapped taller than the Land Cruiser. Got it unloaded into the cabin and hauled upstairs to be stored for a while. On to wiring for the weekend.

Wiring happened, and I was able to get everything going, connecting the wire that John and I put in, connecting outlets to the wire that Melissa and the DeVoe’s pulled. Once it was all done, the panel was wired and it worked. We can actually go in our cabin now and, turn on a light!! Big step.
Lots to do before winter, we would like to get the woodstove going, so that means tiling the floor first, then insulation, but I have to do the plumbing first, then drywall, and siding. Phew, I do have my work cutout for myself. That would put us in pretty good shape for next year.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A buggy week in WY

I have just returned from a pretty buggy week in WY. Melissa's folks, Tony and Linda drove their motorhome down for a week of building fun, and fun we had.

We had the roof on in 3 days, and house wrap and partial windows the next day, finished windows, built walls, and pulled wire to round out the week.

We worked pretty hard but had some fun too.

Melissa Looking goood with my chainsaw, which was used to cut the windows out....
Power tools, aaahhhh, Melissa was a huge help in shearing each of the pieces of metal roofing to length before hauling it onto the roof for me to install

8 in 12 pitch is steep, we definitly had harnesses on!!! This is Tony andf I rolling tar paper on the back half...

Interior walls framed, bedroom on the right, bathroom on the left, and kitchen on the far left.

Tiny ants working on the cabin roof. Hot up there...miserable really

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spring in the mountains

So its been a while since I posted, its been a loong winter. We made 2 trips in the winter and spent the night one of them...brrr, see photos at

So its building season again, got in over memorial day, and got started, had the typical rain and storms all weekend. Our friends the Spanton's came up to visit and spent most of the weekend huddled around the woodstove, but had a good time non the less.

I was able to get the rough sawn rafter tails tacked on, pretty easy project, and good to get going again.

The following weekend I was on my own to install the supports on the ends of the cabin to mount a final rafter on, the lookout or barge rafter. This was very difficult working on my own, on a tall ladder, with drill and impact wrench in my bags, scary at times.

I was also able to build a set of stairs, what a thing to have real steps rather than a rocking stump to get into the house...

And a slapped the roofing on the shed, went fast, and now it is leak free over my tools.

This past weekend Melissa and I went up there despite the weather reports calling for wind, rain and snow...snow?!?!?!

Our goal was to finish the eaves with the rough sawn lumber that is more like finish work than anything else. We first had to attache the barge, lookout rafters. These are heavy, long pieces of lumber. Working from a fully extended extension ladder, placed carefully on top of my sawhorses I trembled my way up to the top to wrestle with these 4 beasts...long hard day, but we got it done. Sunday brought more rain, and I worked through it and got the back side done. I guess there is always next weekend.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winter is not that conducive to work....

Well Melissa and I amde two trip up to the cabin, two weekends in a row. Both times the cabin was standing and holding to the weather. We considered even staying the night in the insulated, but cold bunkhouse...

The tarp over the roof seems to be holding to the weather, and shedding the snow. I would estimate that the snow on average is about 4 feet deep. We bought a nice "ice fishing sled" that is deep, and I towed all of our stuff around in that on snowshoes. I was rewarded with the fastest sledding ride of my life down the road and out to the landcruiser at the bottom of Elk drive...

Wishing for spring, but glad it is winter all the same. So what do we do in the winter, here is a short video of Melissa making turns under bluebird skies at Solitude last weekend.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Big weekend

I drug the same friend up once again to attempt finishing the roof. Saturday morning we left early and got started up there. Saturday we finished setting all of the rafters on both sides of the cabin, then tied them all together at the ridge, lots of time on the third tower of the scaffolding…
Next we carried 36 sheets of plywood over to sheet the roof. I pushed them up 20 +/- feet of the ladder to my buddy on the roof, he then carried them to their spot and nailed them off…

Sunday we sheeted both sides of the roof and were out of there about 5:30, in time to listen to the Red Sox game on the radio. What a lot of work but it feels good to have the roof on, and at least something to drain the rain. See more photos here :

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rafters over head

Well - we have made big progress the last two weekends, last weekend we had all the posts and beams lifted into place, and this weekend we started setting rafters, which is the goal, roof over head and "dried in" for the winter. Lots of help from friends. More to see at